Electronic Component Supply

SMD Technologies Inc. is a lead supplier of a variety of Electronic Components to various industrial, commercial and defense sectors


    We specialize in supply of:
  • Passive Components (Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors and other SMD Components)
  • Semiconductor IC’s
  • AC-DC & DC-DC Converters for Telecom, Datacom, Medical, Defence, Railways, Industrial and many other applications
  • Connectors, Cables & Cable Assemblies
  • Electromagnetic Relays, Fans and Switches
  • Networking/Telecom Chipsets, Fibre Optic Components
  • Magnetics such as Transformers and Ferrite Cores & Beads
  • Display Devices such as LCD’s and LED’s

PCB Layout is also offered as a Value Added Service. Offload all your PCB design requirements, we would be very glad to provide the best of our services.

All Electronic Components are sourced from major manufactures and reliable sources to eliminate supply of counterfeit and faulty parts